ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar Review

ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar Review

Dog shock collars can help you achieve high levels of success with your dog training. There are many different dog shock collars on the market. Not all of these collars will help you achieve the same results. It is very important to do adequate research in order to ensure that you buy the best collar available.

Different collars come with different features, pros and cons. One of the best collars that we have recently discovered is the ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar. Not only can it be used for all dog sizes, but it also comes packed with many impressive features.

Instead of you having to spend hours on end researching the different collars, we have done the intensive leg work for you. We have put in considerable amounts of time and efforts, to fully examine the ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar on your behalf. Today we will be providing you with all the information that you will need to know.


  • Fully adjustable collar strap
  • 433MHZ wireless Press and Act technology
  • Fully waterproof
  • 3 training modes available
  • Up to 330 Yards training range
  • Comes with charger and charging cable
  • You can pair the remote and the device
  • Power saving mode


  • Ideal for all dog sizes
  • Beep and vibration mode are available, no need to use shock
  • Powerful device
  • Sturdy
  • Battery lasts for a long time before needing to recharge
  • Works better than an automatic shock collar
  • Great blue collar that looks good on your dog
  • Fully adjustable collar will ensure a good fit
  • Easy to use
  • Dogs respond well to it


  • The remote breaks easily if you drop it
  • Safety features could be better
  • Doesn’t come with instructions on how to train your dog with it


The ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar is an excellent training device for you dog. One of the best aspects about this collar is that the beep and vibration mode are very powerful. The majority of dogs will respond immediately to one of these modes, without you even having to use the shock mode.

This is truly a very effective product that does the job well. It can be used for all sizes of dogs and will effectively help to install obedience in them. If you are able to not use shock mode, rather avoid it. Ultimately shock mode should only be used as an absolute last resort. This collar does everything that it needs to do, and has some incredible features. It is easy to use and it is fully fit for purpose.


We are very impressed with the ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar; however we wanted to see how it compares to other related products. We couldn’t wait to get started with comparing it to two other shock collars. We made sure that we took every aspect into account. When it comes to electronic collars of any sort or kind, it is very important to ensure that the product is of a very high standard. If the product does not measure up to quality standards, then there is a high risk of it not being safe for use. It is seriously better not to take any chances.

We did our utmost best to take all the features, specifications, pros and cons into account, when we were doing our comparisons. The two products that we chose to compare it to were the Petrainer dog shock collar and the Colpet Dog Training Collar.

Firstly the Petrainer dog shock collar is also a solid product. It seems to do the job very well. It is easy to use and dog owners will get the hang of it very quickly. It is also available for all dog sizes which is ideal. It is also water resistant and it makes use of a LCD display. In addition it also is rechargeable. Therefore it has very similar features. However our primary concern was that the static stimulation is very unreliable and the levels are inconsistent. Unfortunately this makes it a potential safety hazard for your dog.

Next we took a look at the Colpet Dog Training Collar. This collar is environmentally friendly and has energy saving components. It comes with 4 modes and 9 different levels for you to choose from. It is also waterproof and the design is modern and attractive. Although this seemed like an excellent device with all the features needed, we did experience some setbacks. It was not as powerful as some other devices. It also does not fit all dogs, even though it claims that it does. After a while it quickly has problems charging and lighting up.

Each of these three collars has some great features. However it is clear to use that the winning collar has got to be the ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar. This seems to be the better collar by far. We took all of the features, specifications, pros and cons into account, when we were making out decision. We also ensured that we looked at the unique features of each one on an individual basis, prior to reaching our decision.


We did our utmost best to do a fair comparison of the three products. We took all attributes into consideration. After spending considerable amounts of time on everything, we came to the decision that the ALTMAN collar was a sure winner in our eyes. Firstly it generally appears to be the safest and most secure dollar collar out of the three. When it comes to electronic collars, there is no room for malfunction or error as this can result in serious pain or discomfort for your dog.

In terms of features, the ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar had the most impressive list of features. We also have to mention that the other two collars unfortunately had some serious cons, whereas this collar had fewer cons. The cons which it did have were not serious threats to the dog itself.

In terms of material, design and look, the blue modern design is sleek and fashionable. In terms of the collar and questioning which would be the best for training purposes, there was no doubt in our minds that this was definitely the winning collar. It stood out for its quality and overall features much better than the rest.

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