Peteast Remote Dog Training Collar Review

Peteast Remote Dog Training Collar Review

When it comes to training your dog, you will not want to take any shortcuts. Purchasing a quality electronic collar, can seriously help your dog training efforts. Purchasing a dog collar for training purposes is a very serious business. You will want to ensure that you buy an electronic collar that is the best on the market.

Due to the fact that there are so many collars to choose from, it can be very overwhelming and confusing. The good news is that you won’t go wrong with the Peteast remote dog training collar. This electronic collar has everything you could ever need for dog training purposes.

In order to have the most memorable experience with your dog, you will need to look out for your dog’s safety at all times. The truth is that if you choose the wrong electronic collar, this could end up causing serious pain to your dog. If you are finding all the options overwhelming to you, do not stress as we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with all the information that you will need in order to make an informed decision.


  • New Press and Act technology, gives you up to 330 yards range to control your dog
  • IP67 waterproof
  • LED silicone buttons
  • LCD backlight display
  • Designed for day and night visibility
  • Auto power protect mode
  • Rechargeable collar
  • Adjustable 3 Training Modes
  • Light and Beep mode
  • 2 x Set of Conductive Covers
  • 2 x Set of Contact Points
  • Includes user manual
  • Charger and charging cable included
  • 433MHZ wireless technology


  • Ideal for all sizes of dogs
  • Fully adjustable
  • Multiple settings
  • Waterproof makes it ideal for dogs to swim with it on
  • Instructions are clear and easy to read
  • The beep and vibration are effective enough
  • No need to use the shock feature unless extremely necessary
  • Excellent for night time use
  • Auto protect mode helps protect battery life when not in use


  • Not the best material
  • The collar itself does not shape well
  • Collar doesn’t have an extra loop for the length of the collar
  • Dogs can scratch it off fairly easily
  • It can easily be broken
  • Light and beep mode can’t be adjusted


If you are looking for a quality dog training collar that has all the “bells and whistles” then you won’t go wrong with the Peteast remote dog training collar. One of the best aspects about this training collar is that it can be used for all sizes of dogs. There are no restrictions with this collar, as it has enough adjustable training modes for you to choose from.

It can be used to help your furry friend with leash training, sitting, aggression, behavioral obedience and other behavioral issues. This one collar can help with everything; it also offers the best state of the art technology, making it the ideal collar to choose. You won’t go wrong with this purchase, as it contains a long list of impressive features.


The fact of the matter is that the Peteast remote dog training collar is an excellent product. It has some extremely impressive features. It also has helped many people to achieve training success with their dogs. In terms of features, it really does have everything you could ever need in a dog collar. While we knew this was an excellent product, we wanted to see how it would compare to similar products.

We did our best to ensure that we took each individual product into account. We looked at two different dog collars, both of which have been created for the purpose of dog training. The two products which we chose to compare it to the Petrainer dog shock collar and the ALTMAN dog shock collar.

Firstly the Petrainer dog shock collar is a popular electronic collar. It is also rechargeable and water resistant. It is designed for all dog sizes, which is ideal. It is easy to operate and also makes use of a LCD display. It has a convenient light feature which can be used for nighttime usage. It is difficult to get good contact for static stimulation and the collar does not remain at a tight fit. One of the biggest concerns among other is that the static stimulation is unreliable and the levels are inconsistent which is completely problematic.

Next we looked at the ALTMAN dog shock collar. This collar is a professional training collar. It also offers three training modes, vibration, beep and shock. The collar strap is adjustable and water resistant. Although this is a good training collar, the material is a bit flimsy and can cause it to break.

The technology may sound good initially however it is does have technological problems. It does come with two different sets of prongs, which is very convenient. The collar can easily malfunction which can seriously hurt your dog.

Although all three dog collars have been created for the same purposes, they are all very different. After carefully looking at each collar and examining the pros and the cons, we have chosen our winner. The winning electronic collar which seems to be the best product out of all three has got be the Peteast remote dog training collar.


In order to fully make the comparisons, we did our very best in order to ensure that we took all elements into account. We made sure that we spent considerable amounts of time and effort giving each electronic collar a fair chance. The truth is that although all three electronic collars were created for the purpose of dog training, there was one distinct winner in our eyes.

We have chosen the Peteast remote dog training collar as the winner. It is certainly of a higher quality and standard as opposed to the others. In terms of features, it has the most features. It also has many impressive extra features which the other collars do not have. This is besides the fact that in terms of safety and security it ranks the best.

When it came to choosing the very best dog collar, we took all the safety elements into account. The other collars unfortunately had higher chances of malfunctioning and breaking. These issues are extremely dangerous for your dog and it is not safe to risk purchasing a collar that could end up causing your dog any form of damage.

The Peteast remote dog training collar has more pros than cons. It also is a quality product that will last. It has everything that you could ever want and need in a dog collar. This dog collar is the winner for sure. Remember regardless of which dog collar you purchase it is very important to read the instructions fully prior to use.

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