StarMark Training Collar Review

StarMark Training Collar Review

Training a dog is not an easy task. It can be frustrating for both you and the dog, especially when your dog does not have any idea what you are trying to tell him and he does not know how to respond.

What you need to do is to establish a method of communication so that you can come up with a range of commands that you can use to motivate your dog to act and obey.

One method of communication that you can utilize is the use of a training collar. Many dog owners and trainers use a collar because it can serve as an important method of translation from dog to human.

Although a training collar is meant to be used for specific, and short term purposes, it serves as a great tool to teach your dog that he will be issued a correction if he misbehaves or ignores your command.

The next thing that you need to do is to get the best training collar that can help you train your dog without hurting your beloved friend, as well as your pocket. There may be a lot of training collars on the market these days, but one product that you might want to check out is the Training Collar from StarMark.

Before going into the details of this training collar, it is important to know more about the manufacturer of the product. StarMark is one of the leaders in pet education all over the globe and they have been on top of their game for over a decade.

They are known for their award winning training and behavior tools that were developed by experts in the field and were tested by thousands of dogs that can be found at the StarMark Animal Behavior Center.

They live by their simple goal of “keeping pets happy in their homes by improving relationships with their owners”, and that is probably just one of the things that any dog owner can totally agree with.

Aside from the fact that this training collar is from a respected and reputable company in the dog training business, it is also packed with great features listed below.

StarMark Training Collar Features

  • It offers gentle and effective control for obedience training and enforcement of pack leadership with its pronged, high strength linked design.
  • It has a fully adjustable sizing which can be adjusted by adding or removing links. It comes in two collar sizes: small, which has a 15 inch circumference for smaller dog breeds, and large, which has a 21 inch circumference for larger dog breeds. Additional links are sold separately.
  • It is constructed of high strength polymer for durability.
  • It helps prevent your dog from pulling and lunging, especially when walking him around.
  • The package includes a safety collar and a quick release snap.


  • It is a prong training collar which can help you control your dog no matter how stubborn he is.
  • It is easy to put on and take off.
  • It looks more like a traditional collar, rather than an intimidating dog training collar so it does not make dogs look dangerous and menacing.
  • It is a gentler way of correcting your dog’s behavior, without the need for shocks, so it is also advertised as more humane. It pinches just enough to get the attention of your dog, which most dog trainers prefer.
  • It is extremely durable and unlikely to break, even if it is made of plastic.


  • The links can pop free occasionally, especially when there is very hard pulling involved.
  • It may not work on dogs with thick coats.
  • It may not be as effective as traditional prong collars.


The StarMark Training Collar simulates a mother dog’s teeth when she disciplines her puppies for misbehaving which is why it is not considered as a cruel and heartless way to correct a dog’s unwanted behavior.

As mentioned above, this training collar is gentle but very effective in instilling good behavior, obedience, and enforcing pack leadership. It is recommended by experienced trainers because it is not an aggressive form of behavior modification, which both dogs and dog owners appreciate.

It is designed to enhance communication and make the training process easier and less stressful for everyone involved. When it comes to the design, it looks great with its minimalist look, which resembles a traditional collar that is worn regularly by dogs.

It is also a good thing that the link forming a watchband pattern can be modified and adjusted just by removing or adding links. With its adjustable feature, it can be made to perfectly fit your dog.

Just keep in mind that proper fit is essential for the StarMark Training Collar to work so make sure that you fit the collar on your dog and practice snapping and unsnapping the links together so that you will not have any difficulty when it is time to put it on your dog.

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