What is an E-Collar for Dog Training?

What is an E-Collar for Dog Training

There are many reasons to train your dog. Building a positive relationship with your dog, teaching your dog life skills, increasing sociability and to prevent behavior problems are just some of the many reasons why people choose to train their furry friends. There are many tools, tricks and techniques which are used for dog training purposes. One of the biggest questions that need to be asked is what is an e collar for dog training? There are many debates about the effectiveness and use of e collars.

What are e collars?

E-collars are part of a training system for dogs. They generally consist of a wireless receiver and a wireless remote. These systems are often called electronic collars or “shock” collars. Although different words are used, they generally refer to similar things. However it is very important to understand that there are different types, brands and collars on the market, all of which fall under the same category.

What are e collars used for?

In order to answer the question, what is an e collar for dog training purposes, it is important to understand what e collars are used for. The fundamental use of electronic collars is for dog training purposes. These collars are used as a training tool, in order to eliminate certain behaviors and to teach obedience. They are used to teach many different things and depending on the training techniques, they are used in different ways. However they are all used for the purpose of dog training. This applies to all types of dog training, and to all dog breeds.

How do e collars work?

Electronic collars work by applying a brief electric shock to the dog’s neck. The important part to acknowledge is that the dog owner is able to set the duration and the intensity. Different collars work in different ways; it is all fully dependent upon the brand, model and device which you choose to buy.

These collars should not be used as a punishment but rather as a simple and light deterrent to train negative behavior. They may also be effective in training unwanted behavior. The shock should be light and uncomfortable, in order to eliminate the behavior. Under no circumstances should a collar be used in order to inflict fear, or pain onto a dog. They need to be applied in the correct manner in order for it to be effective.

Safety aspects

There are all sorts of controversy with regard to electronic collars. The way that the collar is used, is very important. It should never under any circumstances be used to inflict any levels of pain onto your dog. It needs to be used in the correct manner, with the correct intentions. It is also important to ensure that the collar which you purpose is of a high quality. The collar should be used in order to get your dog’s attention for a brief period of time. It should never be abused in any, way shape or form.

Please be aware that there are legal issues with dog abuse, should people abuse the use of safety collars. With the majority of safety collars, there are various different levels of enforcement; this means that you can set the level which you want. Obviously the lower the level, the safer it will be for your dog.

There are many collars which have been designed to simply administer a vibration or a beep. The beep will enable you to give a verbal warning to your dog and the vibration may be used to further disrupt your dog’s unwanted behaviors. Only after all these methods have been used, should you consider the possibility of a light shock. This should only be used when it is absolutely necessary. As a dog owner you will have plenty of control over the manner in which you use the dog collar. It will be entirely up to you, how you want to use it.

Should e collars be used?

People all over the world have different opinions with regard to e collars. There are some people who do not understand the exact nature of electronic collars and who perceive them as “torturous devices”. Then there are professional dog trainers who highly recommend these collars as an effective way to train your dog.

It is important for the electronic shock to be administered for the right reasons. It also needs to align with undesirable behavior at the correct timing. Once the dog has learnt what needs to be learnt, there should be no more need for the collar. They also should only be used very gently and only on rare occasions. They should not be used for every single training session, as a punishment or to install fear into your dog.

The manner in which the collars are used, are very important. There are arguments for and against the use of e collars. There are some very intense conflicting views and opinions. There are many people that believe that electronic collars really do work and are an excellent way to train your dog quickly.

Finding the right shock setting

One of the key elements to making use of an electronic collar effectively is to find the exact level of stimulus, which will ensure your dog pays attention. It is vital to find the perfect balance, as in enough stimuli to gain your dog’s attention, but not to harm your dog in any way. Your dog should turn his ears up or give you some indication that you have gotten his attention. If he yelps or even puts his tail between his legs, then you know that it is too strong. If you do decide to invest in an electronic collar the important part to remember is to use it responsibly.

As a dog owner the power is all in your hands. Most dog owners, who love their dogs, will use the collar in the correct way. After reading this article you should have a bit more insight into the question, what is an e collar for dog training? The decision to purchase one of these collars is entirely up to you.

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